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Our product system is currently undergoing updates, and we'll be adding many more products soon. If you are considering a large order, please call us to check the stocks first. Thank you!

At Lakeside Tree Nursery, we offer competitive prices and high-quality trees. All our trees come directly from our production centre. Situated on 100 acres of farmland, our nursery is conveniently located near the Attenborough Nature Reserve and next to the Chilwell Retail Park. This unique combination of natural surroundings makes us an ideal choice for ordering and visiting.

For your landscaping projects, you can even pre-order trees up to one year in advance and pick them up the following year.

Get ready to be inspired! Our stock list will soon include over 500 varieties of trees and plants, all home-grown on our 100-acre production centre at a very reasonable price. The possibilities for your landscaping project are endless.

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